Bianca Cortinas - Intuitive Gude/ Energy Alchemist

 Bianca Cortinas is a multi faceted, multi passionate entrepreneur and free spirit. She's a creator,  artist, designer, dancer, intuitive, psychic, empath, HSP, energy alchemist and mother, that loves dancing and trying new things.  With a long career behind the scenes in the fashion Industry in New York City behind her, to  a self-employed consultant for fashion brands and start-ups, to a manager of properties like short term vacation rentals, hourly office space, to designing and Renovating a loft in Midtown Manhattan, a beautiful Venue for events and creative off-sites. This is only her professional experience, her lived experience can span lifetimes, surviving psychic attacks, sexual harassment, domestic violence and abuse in all its many forms including financial. She's ready to share all she's learned  and let you know you're not alone in your struggles. Healing is a process and there is hope and it doesn't have to take forever.
Her journey has now brought her full circle to focus on clearing and creating space within for herself and for others transformations.  With a focus on inspiring our Inner truth, reclamation, and empowerment and how this shift in perspective changes your life and then reflects it back in the most honoring and empowering way.  After closing chapters in her external life after a dark night of the soul leaving NewYork City to heal and regroup awakening spiritually and getting back in-touch with her soul essence and intuition. She's been called to serve int this new way with tools she's gathered and on her journey back to self. 
The Human Design System that lead her to a lot of her own self awareness and is a tool she's uses with her clients  as it helps on where to begin in the de-conditioning journey.
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